Outdoor Living

Urellas is a Certified Outdoor Kitchen Installer and Contractor in New Hampshire

An outdoor living space is a kitchen in your backyard. In addition to the patio, you can have a grill, a refrigerator and a kitchen sink. When people install outdoor living spaces, they use their backyards so much more often. They enjoy their patios so much more.

Built-in grill.

There’s no running back inside for ice, drinks or food. Where does everyone gather at parties? In the kitchen. When the kitchen is outside, everyone enjoys the outside together.


Outdoor kitchen with patio and gas grill.

A firepit extends the party into the evening. Especially in New Hampshire, where the summer evenings are cool, a firepit is warm and cozy. Kids love to toast S’Mores in the firepit. The backyard outdoor living space is now fun for the kids as well.

Patio and fire pit in Goffstown

Defining the Patio Space

If you entertain, the patio needs to be wide enough for four feet of space behind each piece of furniture. The most frequent complaint we hear about existing patios is: “We wish we had gone bigger.” People need space to walk around furniture without feeling like they’re falling out of the patio space. The roomier the space, the more relaxed people feel.

Sometimes people have six chairs, a table, some recliners and a grill — and there’s no room left for the people. We often create a bump-out for the grill. We make sure the furniture fits the space, and the space fits the furniture.

Kids Need Room to Play

The patio needs to be wide enough to give kids room to play. We don’t want them to run into bark mulch or stone. Kids will splash up pool water, too. So the design needs to accomodate areas that will get wet.

Patio pavers around the pool.

Pavers or Concrete

When homeowners ask about stamped concrete, we explain that there are two types of concrete: Cracked, and Going to Crack. An inground pool will have plumbing under poured concrete. If there’s a leak in the plumbing, the concrete needs to be sawed to get at the plumbing. The concrete will be ruined. Pavers can be pulled up. Individual pieces can be removed and re-laid, without ruining the patio. We don’t know the chances of the pool leaking, but if it does, we can peel up the pavers, re-polysand and you’re done.

Pavers look so much better than concrete. The look you can get from paving stones is far beyond that of poured concrete. You can do designs, colors and mosaics. Pavers have an elegance that concrete can never achieve.

Adirondak chairs on a new patio.

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