Driveway Material Choices

Your choice of driveway materials includes: interlocking stone pavers, brick, asphalt, gravel and concrete.

Each has its advantages, but only interlocking pavers combine beauty, longevity and easy repairs and maintenance.

Urella’s Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC is your certified paver contractor in NH.


Pavers Make a Driveway Attractive

Concrete driveways can look dull and almost industrial. Gravel driveways are very hard on your car's finish, and crabgrass loves them. Asphalt driveways promote water runoff and flooding.  The solid black tar is very hot in the summer. Concrete, asphalt and brick driveways all will crack in freezing and hot temperatures.

Pavers, on the other hand, are beautiful, strong, and hold up in New Hampshire's freezing winters. Interlocking concrete pavers are the only driveway material that can create a "WOW!" effect from your driveway. They don't crack when frozen. And permeable pavers actually eliminate flooding.

Paver Driveways Need the Least Maintenance and Repair

Concrete and asphalt driveways will stain and crack. Concrete is expensive to replace. The jackhammer makes a lot of noise. The new concrete will not  match the original installation.

Asphalt driveway repair requires a crew, hot tar and time. It’s not cheap and it leaves a patch where the problem was.

Brick driveways are soft and tend to deteriorate quickly. New bricks will not have the same weather patterns as the original ones.

Gravel driveways deteriorate into your yard where the stones allow weeds to grow. New gravel must be trucked in, poured and raked.

Pavers, however, are almost maintenance-free. It’s difficult to damage a concrete paver but if one does become damaged, it’s easy to pull it out and replace it with an exact copy. Pavers don’t weather like the other materials so the new paver will be unnoticeable.

Get a Paver Driveway Estimate

After looking at your property and listening to your driveway needs, we will give you a written estimate for your new paver driver. The crew that makes the quote is the same crew that builds your new driveway. We don't sub-contract our work. We hold multiple certifications in paver use, and have built hundreds of New Hampshire driveways!

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