Garden Drip Irrigation

If you have a lawn irrigation system, we can often use that to water your garden as well. Depending on location and plant needs, you might want irrigation specifically for your garden or container plants. We've found that drip irrigation provides the most cost-effective watering solution for gardens and container plants


Drip Water Delivery

Instead of spraying water over the plants, drip irrigation slowly delivers water to the plants' roots. The delivery method minimizes evaporation and so saves water.

The drip irrigation system has its own timer in order to better serve the plants it waters. Unlike lawn irrigation, drip irrigation systems require low pressure. in fact, where a lawn irrigation system might require a pressure boost, drip irrigation might require a pressure reduction. You can use a rain barrel and gravity for drip irrigation because the pressure requirements are so low.


Drip Irrigation Benefits

Drip irrigation systems are generally much smaller than lawn irrigation designs. Vegetables and flowers get the correct amount of water, improving the yield and health of the plants.

Drip irrigation reduces weed growth, because the water is directed only to the desired plant roots. Drip irrigation doesn't water the nearby weeds.

Drip irrigation maximizes fertilizer benefits. The water soaks the fertilizer into the ground near the plant roots. Fertilizer doesn't get wasted in run-off.

Drip irrigation gives your garden weed control, lower water costs and maximum fertilizer utilization. Contact us to learn more about putting drip irrigation in your gardens.

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