We Use Only Major Brands

We will service any brand of irrigation equipment. When we install new irrigation systems or replace parts, we like to use the the most durable brands with the best reputations. We have immediate access to parts on our truck and in-house. We use Toro, RainBird, Hunter, Watts, WeatherMatic, and Febco.

Febco Irrigation

Hunter Industries Irrigation

We service and install Hunter irrigation sprinklers throughout New Hampshire. We supply and repair Hunter sprinkler heads. We carry Hunter irrigation parts. We can also help you with setting the Hunter timer, and fixing Hunter rotors. We can help you with your Hunter sprinkler system even if we didn’t install it.


RainBird Irrigation

Rain Bird is an innovative irrigation sprinkler system product manufacturer. Its products are used throughout the world on homes, golf courses and sports stadiums. We install and repair Rain Bird Irrigation Systems throughout New Hampshire. Rain Bird makes spray heads, nozzles, rotor sprinklers, impact sprinklers, timers, valves, and drip irrigation equipment.

Toro Irrigation

Urellass deploys and repairs Toro irrigation systems throughout New Hampshire. Toro’s irrigation equipment is used on golf courses, residences and agricultural fields throughout the world. Toro manufactures timer controls, drip irrigation (MicroDrip), rotors, sensors, sprays, swing joints and valves.

WeatherMatic Irrigation

Urellas installs and repairs Weathermatic irrigation sprinkler systems throughout New Hampshire. Weathermatic manufactures sprays, sprinklers, rotors, valves and smart controls. Weathermatic irrigation products are used to fix low water volume issues.

Irritrol Irrigation

We service and install Irritrol irrigation sprinkler systems throughout New Hampshire. Irritrol supplies controllers, sensors, remotes, valves, spray heads and rotors.

Febco Irrigation

Febco makes irrigation parts that keep sprinkler water separate from drinking water. We service all Febco irrigation parts including backflow prevention assemblies, reduced pressure zone assemblies, double check valve assemblies and water breakers.

We Service Any Irrigation Brand

We are Certified Irrigation Experts. We can service any irrigation part. Brands we service include (but are not limited to!): Action Machine, Antelco, Aqualine, Armada Technologies, Blazing Products, BlueSpray Controllers, Champion, Conbraco, Dawn Industries, Dekorra, EZ Flo FX Luminare, Greenlee, Griswold, Grow More, Hunter Industries, Hydro-Rain, Irritrol Systems, K-Rain, King Innovation, Lasco Sprinkler, Midwest Rake, Munro Pumps, NDS, Nelson, Netafim, Orbit Irrigation, Paige, RainBird, Toro, Underhill, Vu-Flow, Watts, Weathermatic, Woodford Manufacturing, Wilkins

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