Irrigation Spring Startup Inspection

NH residential irrigation systems should be re-opened each spring. The spring startup ensures that your system doesn't push too much pressure through the valves when first turned on. We inspect each valve and fix any that are broken. We make sure the water is flowing properly onto overlapping areas of your lawn.

Each spring we visit your property to inspect and turn on your irrigation equipment. We do the following during the spring irrigation startup:

  1. Check all main lines for leaks and damage
  2. Check all valve boxes for leaks and damage
  3. Check the backflow system for leaks and damage
  4. Inspect and fix any broken sprinkler heads
  5. Test all valves
  6. Test all wire connections

We fix small items during inspection, but check in with you before fixing leaks and valves. Once all systems are inspected and ready, we perform a controlled irrigation system startup.


Controlled Irrigation System Startup

After we've checked all systems and made sure they're ready to go, we do a controlled irrigation startup. First, we turn on the water at a controlled rate. It's essential to avoid a rush of water running through the pipes at high pressure. We monitor pressure and reduce it if necessary. Then we setup the sprinkler system. We re-program the irrigation controller timer clock. We test the rain sensor. Then we operate each irrigation zone to test for proper water flow and direction.


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