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We fix all irrigation brands throughout New Hampshire!

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New Hampshire Winters are Hard on Irrigation Systems

New Hampshire winters are hard on irrigation systems. Cold, wind, ice and sand can crack, clog and break different irrigation system parts. That's why it's especially important to properly close down the irrigation system each fall. As Certified Irrigation Contractors, we can help you prevent expensive irrigation repairs with a simple fall maintenance irrigation shutdown program. Learn more about our New Hampshire maintenance "winter shut down" program here.

We Fix Irrigation Clogs and Leaks

Leaks present as pools of water, very low water pressure, especially dry areas, especially wet areas, brown or weedy areas, and as droopy flowers.

Even high-quality brands like Hunter and RainBird can get leaks if the snow plow damages the system, sand gets in the heads or water pressure is too high. Clogs and backflow issues can cause pipe leaking and bursting.

Some parts fail over time, such as sprinkler seals and valves. Tractors, cars, and wheelbarrows can harm the irrigation rotors.

Sediment is a common New Hampshire irrigation problem. Sediment causes clogs, which can cause leaks and pipe breaks.

If you notice water pooling around one or more of your irrigation system's heads, there's probably a flooding problem underneath.

Some leaks are very minor. For instance, head leaks are usually from sand stuck in the valve. The heads don't even need to be replaced, just flushed out with clean water.

Water not turning off is often a wiring issue. Usually wires don't require replacement. The connection has come loose and needs to be re-connected.

Also look at the back flow pipe area near the house. If water is bubbling out of any part of the system, that water is wasted, and over time can cause structural damage to nearby masonry.

Back flows can be repaired or replaced, it's just a question of which will be the most cost-effective solution for your specific irrigation problem.

We will diagnose the problem, explain our findings to you, and give you a quote to fix the problem.


Irrigation Backflow Repair

A water backflow system prevents irrigation water from backwashing into and contaminating household water. If your irrigation system estimate doesn’t include a backflow system, consider getting a quote from a certified irrigation specialist.

We service all backflow manufacturer products. We carry Febco, Watts and Wilkins backflow system parts in stock.

We Fix Irrigation Spray Problems

Most  New Hampshire irrigation system owners live on an acre or more of land. Invariably these lawns are maintained with heavy tractors that can rattle the spray radius screws.This sometimes causes the irrigation spray to veer off course.

Sometimes the spray is pointing the wrong way. It might include buildings, sidewalks and driveways beyond the typical overspray we build into a properly designed irrigation system. And sometimes the spray is too short.

We will analyze the issues, explain them to you, and give you a quote to repair the spray problems. We will also give you pointers on how to avoid spray problems in the future.


Irrigation Pipe Repair

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) pipe is required by law. We use only certified NSF piping in your irrigation backflow system. New Hampshire plumbing code requires that your irrigation system have this contamination-prevention system. Irrigation pipe water can contain ground contaminants that you do not want to drink. If your irrigation system estimate doesn’t include NSF piping for the backflow system, consider getting a quote from a certified irrigation specialist.

We Fix Irrigation Systems Throughout New Hampshire

As a Certified Irrigation Contractor, we can fix any brand of irrigation equipment.


We Install the Most Respected Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation Installation Brands We Use

  • Hunter
  • RainBird
  • Toro
  • Watt
  • Febco
  • WeatherMatic

We Repair All Irrigation Company Brands

Irrigation Service Brands (Partial List of Manufacturers We Service)

  • Action Machine
  • Antelco
  • Aqualine
  • Armada Technologies
  • Blazing Products
  • BlueSpray Controllers
  • Champion
  • Conbraco
  • Dawn Industries
  • Dekorra
  • EZ Flo FX Luminare
  • Greenlee
  • Griswold
  • Grow More
  • Hunter Industries
  • Hydro-Rain
  • Irritrol Systems
  • K-Rain
  • King Innovation
  • Lasco Sprinkler
  • Midwest Rake
  • Munro Pumps
  • NDS
  • Nelson
  • Netafim
  • Orbit Irrigation
  • Paige
  • RainBird
  • Toro
  • Underhill
  • Vu-Flow
  • Watts
  • Weathermatic
  • Woodford Manufacturing
  • Wilkins

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