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Irrigation Maintenance for Flooding: Does your irrigation system have any of these problems?

  • Leaking heads
  • Stuck valves
  • Water that won’t turn off
  • Leaking pipes
  • Backflow leaks
  • Water pouring out top of backflow
  • Water running when the clock is off
  • Broken heads
  • Plow damage
  • Rain sensor not working
  • Head not spraying properly
  • Wet spot in lawn
  • Dry spot in lawn
  • Heads that needs adjustment

Why Does Flooding Occur Around Irrigation Systems?

Flooding is a problem when a leaking head or stuck valve interrupts the irrigation water flow.

You will also see flooding when the irrigation water will not turn off.

Sometimes you will see water flowing out of the backflow pipe area.

The backflow system can be repaired or replaced, depending on which is more cost-effective for you.

If the heads need adjustment, this is a quick and inexpensive fix to an irrigation system flooding problem.

You might want to replace the irrigation heads, depending on whether there is damage.

Finally, the irrigation pipes might be damaged. . Irrigation water pipes can be repaired or replaced.

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Claudia Bello
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