Install a Backyard Kitchen

An outdoor living space is a kitchen in your backyard. In addition to the patio, you can have a backyard bar, grill, refrigerator and sink. Customers install backyard kitchens to reduce the annoyance of running inside for food, ice and drinks. The convenience makes having parties more fun and less stressful. Everyone says that they enjoy talking about their outdoor kitchen with their guests.

Install Your Outdoor Kitchen Over Time

Backyard kitchen components are modular. You don't have to build the entire dream in one season. You can start with a patio, and add to your backyard kitchen over time. Some customers add to their outdoor kitchens each year, to spread out the cost over time.

In New Hampshire we enjoy the cleanest air of the entire country. Maybe that’s why we like being outside so much. People install outdoor kitchens to enjoy the spring, summer and fall outside. Cooking, drinking and eating are just more fun in the backyard.

Outdoor Kitchens Can Have a Huge Return on Investment

Some backyard upgrades have a good return on investment, and outdoor kitchens tops that list. Customers can expect to recoup between 50% to 200% of their investment.

We specialize in backyard patios and outdoor kitchens. No matter how big you want to go, everything starts with the patio. Your patio can be as small as a stairway landing or as large as the yard itself. The patio determines the maximum outdoor kitchen size.

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