We are Certified Irrigation Contractors

Only a few New Hampshire irrigation companies achieve the rank of Certified Irrigation ContractorOur certification means we’ve taken the steps to educate ourselves, to learn about how watering systems work. Certification requires knowledge of wells, water consumption, water quality, and water conservation. The Certified Irrigation Contractor installs, maintains and repairs irrigation systems. We learn and employ precise methods of back-filling, boring, trenching and excavation. We know the limitation of different piping systems. We are experts in backflow prevention components and water pipe laying and installing. We maintain a minimum of 20 CEU credits every two years.

Did you know that New Hampshire does not require a license to sell underground automatic sprinkler systems? That’s why we are certified by the Irrigation Association as Certified Irrigation Installers. We’ve been designing and installing NH irrigation systems since 1988. We install Hunter Industries irrigation systems, but we service ALL irrigation brands


Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC)

Urellas is one of only nine designated Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC) in New Hampshire. Certification requires many hours of dedicated, education and commitment to creating the best irrigation systems possible. The Irrigation Association certifies us as experts in and the ability to:

  • execute irrigation projects so that they meet all requirements and specifications
  • prepare irrigation installation sites;
  • perform layout, staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading and back-filling
  • join pipe;
  • know the different piping systems limitations and advantages;
  • understand basic hydraulics
  • layout and install piping and water delivery components;
  • install backflow prevention components
  • install mechanical, hydraulic and electrical irrigation controls
  • install other irrigation system components
  • troubleshoot and repair irrigation components and systems
  • understand and to abide by good business practices and good construction practices
  • understand the legal rights and obligations of construction contracts
  • understanding licensing codes in New Hampshire

If you are seeking a licensed New Hampshire irrigation contractor, please know that New Hampshire does NOT license irrigation contractors. The Irrigation Association Certification we’ve obtained is your peace of mind that we understand and construct excellent underground automatic sprinkler irrigation systems.

We service commercial irrigation systems installation and repair for management companies, business owners, real estate companies, golf course owners, and athletic field maintenance facility managers and directors.

Do You Know About the Irrigation Association?

Many people don't know that New Hampshire does not require irrigation contractors to be licensed. This means that the person selling you irrigation design might not have the education required to properly design and install an underground sprinkler system. We are a Certified Irrigation Contractor, a designation that requires many hours of education to achieve. It's your assurance that we will build the proper irrigation system for your specific needs.

Irrigation Association of New England

The Irrigation Association of New England keeps Urellas up to date on water restrictions and codes. The Association publishes outdoor water alerts, lawn irrigation bans for every town in New Hampshire.



We are certified retaining wall installers.

Urella’s is also one of New Hampshire’s Certified SRW (Segmented Retaining Wall) Installers.

We are certified in site layout, excavation, preparation and laying of the base course, installation of wall blocks, installation of the drainage system, use of geosynthetic reinforcement grids and fabrics, the placement and the compaction of backfill. We build retaining walls that are beautiful and that last.

We are Certified Interlocking Concrete Pavement Installers

Urella’s is an Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certified Installer.

We are experts in concrete paver construction and maintenance. We are certified to build raised patios, driveways, walkways and patios.

We are a Belgard Authorized Contractor

Urellas is a Belgard Authorized Paver Installer and a Belgard Authorized Wall Installer.In addition to providing proof of our project history, we were recommended for the program by a Belgard Authorized Dealer. To complete the application process, we took the Belgard Certified Techniseal Applicator Course.

We are a Techo-Bloc Professional Installer

Urellas is a Techo-Bloc Pro Contractor. Techo-Bloc examined our credentials, project history, and certifications. Our membership gives us priority access to Techo-Bloc technical support, and better prices for you, our customer.

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