Permeable Pavers Reduce or Eliminate Storm Water Flooding

Homeowners, municipalities and property owners can use permeable pavers anywhere you'd use traditional pavers, such as your driveway, patio or walkway project.

Permeable pavers drain storm water to the underground water table. They can also be used to accumulate storm water for future irrigation.

Permeable pavers eliminate the need for surface grates. They actually reduce or eliminate local flooding. By eliminating standing water, permeable pavers also reduce or eliminate mosquito breeding.


Benefits to Municipalities Using Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers recharge local groundwater supplies. They help ensure stream ecosystems have minimum inflows. The permeable paver system actually filters water and improves its quality. Water isn't lost to evaporation; and it doesn't flood due to run-off. Light-color permeable pavers reflect sunlight to avoid heat build-up.

Permeable pavers filter water to reduce pollutants, including zinc, copper, phosphorus and suspended sediments. For ADA-compliant requirements, we use Belgard Aquabric permeable pavers.

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