We Build Pool Waterfalls

Pool waterfalls are a lot of fun, and they look fantastic. Running water just has a relaxing effect on the body. We can install a waterfall onto your pool during installation, or as an add-on to an existing pool. The colored lights don't cost much, but they change the whole feeling of your backyard at night.


Pool Waterfall Automation

Customers always say they wish they had put in pool waterfall automation from the start. We install and service all pool automation equipment, but one that's really popular is the Jandy iAquaLinkTM system. You can control the waterfall, spillovers and laminar jets from an app on your phone. The pump cycle and lighting can always be automated too.


We Repair Existing Waterfalls

The waterfalls we install are usually still running smoothly ten years after installation. That's because installation methods and materials are important! The better waterfalls are all pretty reliable. We've seen only a handful of issues in the hundreds of waterfalls we've installed. You can expect your waterfall to last well past the warranty period before it requires attention.

Amateur waterfalls usually have one of two problems. Either the waterfall was installed without a liner, or the masonry didn't properly cure. If you see water running where you don't expect to see it, the waterfall might need re-piping.

We can repair all waterfall issues. Older waterfalls sometimes need new pumps. We can either upgrade or replace waterfall pumps.


Pool Waterfall Inspirational Gallery

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