Why Hire a Certified Irrigation Contractor?

Only a few New Hampshire irrigation companies achieve the rank of Certified Irrigation ContractorOur certification means we’ve taken the steps to educate ourselves, to learn about how watering systems work. Certification requires knowledge of wells, water consumption, water quality and water conservation.

The Certified Irrigation Contractor installs, maintains and repairs irrigation systems. We learn and employ precise methods of back-filling, boring, trenching and excavation. We know the limitation of different piping systems. We are experts in backflow prevention components and water pipe laying and installing.

We maintain a minimum of 20 CEU credits every two years.

Commitment to Irrigation Clients

The state of New Hampshire does not license irrigation contractors. Cheap irrigation design isn’t much of a savings if you have to dig it up for design changes!

If you are planning to install an irrigation system on a commercial property, you might be making a mistake by not talking to a certified irrigation company. Our irrigation certifications are your guarantee that Urellas is qualified to design and install your commercial property irrigation system.

Even if you are a property management  guru. irrigation design requires education and experience.

If you are making major changes to your landscaping such as installing a new irrigation system, it is a smart idea to talk to a certified irrigation consultant for advice.


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