Monument Pool with surrounding Deck

Radiant Pool with Deck

We Install Above Ground Pools in NH

We install and repair everything for your pool, including installing above ground pools throughout Goffstown and southern New Hampshire. An above ground 18x33 "semi inground" pool is the perfect mix of more pool for the money. A semi inground pool is a really strong above ground pool but it's buried about half way up. Build a deck around it to get an inground pool feel for less than 1/2 the price. The installation requires no retaining walls because the pool walls are so strong.

Radiant semi inground pools are a really nice choice because they come insulated. Since we have very cool nights for most of the summer, the insulation helps keep the pool water from cooling off. We also like the Esther Williams aluminum semi inground, which is now called "The Monument" model. They are tough as nails, never rust, and look great with a deck around them.

We can install any above ground or semi inground pool so if you have a model in mind just let us know.

Jandy Fiber Falls Waterfall

We Install and Fix Pool Waterfalls in NH

Pool waterfalls are a lot of fun and look fantastic. The running water sounds and feels nice.

Pool Waterfall Installation

It doesn't cost much more to put colored lights in the waterfall either. Waterfalls can be added during pool installation or we can add a waterfall to an existing pool.

Pool Waterfall Repairs

The waterfalls we put in  are usually fine 10 years after installation. Installation methods are important! Generally the better waterfalls are all pretty reliable. We have seen one or two issues in waterfalls we've installed. Generally you can expect a waterfall to go well past the warranty period before it requires attention. Occasionally we see waterfalls installed without a liner or that didn't cure properly. If you see water running where you don't expect it the waterfall might need re-piping. We can repair all pool waterfall issues. Older waterfalls sometimes need a new pump. We can upgrade a pool waterfall pump for you. Other common waterfall fixes include re-piping the pool waterfall, upgrading the pool waterfall valves.

Pool Waterfall Automation

Customers always say they wish they had put in automation from the start. We install and service all pool automation equipment but one that's really popular is the Jandy iAquaLinkTM system. You can control the waterfall, spillovers and laminar jets from an app on your phone. The pump cycle and lighting can always be automated too.

New Hampshire Pool Services

When we're installing patios and fire pits we often find that customers are looking to install a pool. When we're installing pool decks we often find that customers can't find good help repairing their pools. Here's a list of pool services we offer. If what you need is not here, ask us, we will let you know if we can help you.

  • Install pool waterfalls
  • Re-pipe pool waterfalls
  • Upgrade pool waterfall pumps
  • Install pool deck jets
  • Install and tune pool and waterfall automation systems
  • Upgrade pool and waterfall equipment such as pumps and heaters
  • Install pool heaters
  • Repair waterfall pumps
  • Troubleshoot no-start on waterfall and pool pumps
  • Install 24 ft. round pool and equipment (above ground and semi inground)
  • Install 28 ft. round pool and equipment (above ground and semi inground)
  • Install 18x33 ft. oval pool and equipment (above ground and semi inground)
  • Winterize in ground pool and equipment
  • Winterize above ground and semi inground pool and equipment)

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